Friday, October 07, 2005


I ordered a few books from a local bookstore and I am now stuck waiting for them to get here. That was taking a little while so I ordered more books online. Now im stuck waitng for five books to get here. My paticence has run out because I finished my last book a few days ago. I dont nessasrialy read every day but its nice to know that I can. I am particularly looking forward to the new Kurt Vonnegut book, Its Vonnegut so I would have bought it as soon I found out it was available but when I heard that the title is " A Man Without a Country" I raced right to the bookstore, but they didnt have it yet. I probably could have driven to barnes and noble and bought it that day but id rather support the local store. Although I might change my mind if it doesnt get here soon. i also ordered the new book by the Dali Lama, I had never read any of his works so that should be interesting. It is supposed to be a very inteligent look at the evolution vs inteligent design ideas. I also ordered a new Chomsky book. New Chomsky 'nuff said. I also got an older Zinn book. I dont need a reason to buy Zinn. Then there was one I saw on Buzzflash, Un-fit Commander. I wanted to but it from buzzflash but im kinda broke and i just bought a bunch of books and if I ordered it where i did I would then qualify for free shipping, and the book was selling for 5 bucks. Ok now im rambling about being excited about books being delivered. Damn im a dork.

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