Monday, June 11, 2007

Good Weekend

Went to a concert on friday, a hippie jam band, I got bored quickly plus I was feeling rather bokononist at the time, so I went to a keg party instead. Let me explain, earlier in the day I saw a picture of someone doing a keg stand, my first thought was, wow I haven't done a keg stand in years. Later that day I get invited to a keg party. And in the words of Bokonon "Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God." I only feel comfortable referencing god in the context of a religion that openly admits its all a bunch of lies.

So the hippie band is pretty good if your into 10 minute solos and cover songs, oh and hippies. Sure they are probably a lot more "talented" musicians than what I prefer but its just dull by comparison. I'll get back to music later.

So the kegger was fun. A ways out of town, a keg and a fire, what more do you need? How about drunk people on a four wheeler? How about two drunk people on a quad doing small wheelies. Man I love drunken stupidity, mind you I wasn't that drunk or stupid so I merely watched the stupidity in action. Luckily no one fell off, no one got hurt at all which surprised me a little. Talked to a hot british girl for a while. She was cute but that accent just drove me wild, and I was hardly alone with that sentiment. She fearlessly rode the quad on several occasions. Good times were had.

Saturday was a small benefit concert for a local kid thats battling with cancer and medical bills. We did what we could but the reality is if it went really well we might have covered a day or two in the hospital, and rest days at that. But at least we did something and we had a damn good time doing it. The highlight of the evening was the first show of Don't Look In The Basement. Just some local idiots but for a first show it was freaking great. Their lyrics are funny, they can tear up the frets when they need but their willing to do dorky breakdowns which makes it all the more fun. Plus we has some decent little moshing going on at a bar that really wasn't expecting it. Obviously my friends in EPD played as well which was also good, but I've seen them many times before. Good times.

Then of course is the party after the show, lots of people in a not terribly big apartment. More drunken stupidity but other than spilled beer not damage to persons or property. Although I did think a fight was going to break out at one point because Johnny Drunk-O was earning his title by drunkenly insulting everyone in the room. A couple of us stepped in a said hey, we call him Drunk-O because hes always wasted and this is no exception, its not worth it, don't do it. At about 5 I caught a ride home and cabs came for the rest. Good times were had.

Sunday I slept a lot, and I got a ride to go get my truck. Which constituted a good time as well because all I wanted was to sleep a bit and do some reading. Oh and I'm reading a new to me Carl Sagan book, its my first from him. I was also happy to buy it from a local Used Book Store for $4, can't beat that. So that also earns a, good times. Hope everyone else had a fun weekend too.


Lara said...

glad to hear you had a good weekend. i did also. :) next weekend will be way better though, with my birthday AND graduation!

Kilgore Trout said...


Well congratulations on the graduation, birthdays can be fun but they aren't something to congratulate as all I'd really be saying is, "good job on not dying."

Is that an odd outlook?