Monday, September 17, 2007

Easy Like Sunday Morning

So I woke up really late on Sunday, I didn't do shit all weekend. Seriously the only thing I accomplished was I beat the video game, Destroy All Humans, which was fun. Sunday I got up around noon, my neighbor stopped by and we were sitting around bullshitting and laughing when I get a call from a number I don't recognize. They immediately ask if I went to church that morning. I laugh fairly loudly and say no, I assume at this point its a friend making a little joke. The voice asks if I'll be attending mass later to make up for it and I laughed again. Now I was in a laughing mood prior to this little joke so I could hardly contain myself I was laughing so hard at this point because my friend was pulling this off completely dead-pan. I mean they sounded legit, I mean they almost sounded like... oh crap, my boss. I had told my boss that I would help him move some stuff being as I'm a guy with a truck and I need the money. He wasn't sure what time would work so I told him to call, then forgot about it. So now I was in an awkward spot as I realized I had just laughed quite vigorously at my boss for suggesting I go to church. But I wasn't sure how he would react. Well I got over there a few hours later and he made some similar jokes, asking if I needed to be saved, to which his lady friend lightened the air by saying she didn't want to be saved either. This was another moment when I felt like I should probably just get it over with and say I'm an atheist. My boss is an amazing guy, really easy going but I know that within the older generations that word holds some very negative connotations. So I didn't I buckled again. Admittedly I never once claimed to be religious in any way, just never stated the truth. Oh and this isn't like my supervisor, this is the director of the agency, who holds a Ph.D. The good news was I made decent money for about an hours worth of work, unfortunately in that hour I missed a phone call/ text telling me that the Dropkick Murphys and Horror Pops were playing an hour from my house that night. Motherfucker. they were right here and I missed them. fuck fuck fuckidy fuck fuck fuck. Thats life.


Kristi said...

i like telling people i'm an atheist. i love to see their face after i tell them.
my old boss asked me this (if you can f-ing believe it)
He said "how come you don't stab people in the back then if you don't believe in god".
i don't know if he meant it literally or figuratively but i answered..'because i value human life'.
This is coming from someone i considered a smart man.
the thing is that i'm the better person because i'm just treating others like i want to be treated because i want to, not because i think i might go to hell.
i have been reading your blog for like two hours

Kilgore Trout said...

I have since told my boss that I'm an atheist. He's a very smart and very compassionate individual so it wasn't too big a deal, he's probably a deist even though he doesn't call himself one. There's a few people around my office that know my true leanings.

I'm not sure if I'm really happy that you're enjoying my blog so much, or a little worried about you.

Actually thinking about someone enjoying my writing enough to read it for two hours is probably the highlight of my day so far. I'm actually kinda happy right now. So thank you, please don't ruin this by pointing out that you're just incredibly bored.