Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Business as Usual / WTF???

Any thing fun and exciting going on in the political world? Well the Dems are probably about to roll over and play dead, which issue am I talking about? does it matter?. Osama sent out a shockingly well timed tape to help his buddy george, er I mean to fill us with fear and dread. The court doesn't care about Germans being tortured. More Iraqi's killed by mercenaries, didn't the democratically elected government of Iraq kick them out? Oh right we only care about the Iraqi government when its good for the US government, like on blue finger day. Speaking of that government, we're now talking about allowing a fundamentalist Islamic regime to take over, I'm sure that will prevent further "ethnic cleansing."

And heres a short list of Bush scandals, ok so maybe short is the wrong word.

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