Monday, November 12, 2007

Das Weekend

I know I've been slaking on the world politics, the war, corporate control of everything and the battle with religion and all that other fun stuff, its true. I have something of a one track mind and at the moment it focused pretty intently on one person and one person only. I was even able to spend a little time with that person this weekend. But in a rather uncharacteristic move I'm not going to talk about that much. Basically on friday I said hey we're (another person from work and I) going to the bar, wanna come with us? She said maybe, and ended up being there. Turns out shes good friends with a kid I've know since, well as long as he's been alive. We had a nice conversation, or at least about as good of one as you can hope for at a bar, and that was that. Not much to report.

Then Sunday I had a thanksgiving party at the friend who threw the halloween parties. I wasn't expecting like a full freaking thanksgiving dinner. The food was good, excellent when you consider that it seemed like one of the five girls actually knew what she was doing. One later admitted she had never cooked a real meal before, a huge turkey dinner isn't a normal starter but hey it worked. Then it all ended with a pie fight between the guy who's house we were at and his girlfriend. It was hilarious, just to be clear it was a fun fight no anger, started by eating whip cream outta the can, then feeding each other and missing and well, you know how that shit can escalate. The finish was the big chocolate mousse that went every where. I then pointed out how we did lots of drinking at the last few parties and nothing crazy happened, we don't drink but have food and suddenly the place is trashed. I think we're going to end up painting one of his walls. Good times.

Now I've just got to get the nerve up to ask new girl out on a proper date, I think I'm going to try for the classic dinner date, wish me luck.

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