Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have no intention of becoming a vegan but I might have a new roommate soon and shes vegan, and cute. Forgetting all the obvious thoughts running through your head about what I'm thinking (they're right), there's also the simple fact that I've always meant to learn how to cook, but cooking for yourself sucks. I'm just too apathetic about my own comfort to worry about cooking good food. I don't worry about heat until it drops below 60, inside. At the same time I'll do almost anything for a friend, so I think having a roommate will help motivate me to learn to cook. The fact that I need to learn how to cook vegan food that I'm willing to eat too just adds to the challenge. The fact that the roommate is single female and cute simply means I'm more motivated than I might otherwise be.

The real point of this post though is asking if anyone knows any good vegan recipes, and if you've got some that are easy to make thats a plus, like I said I'm learning to cook. I'm looking at you Granola Guy, I have this strange feeling you might know a thing or two about hippy food.


Anonymous said...

There are thousands and thousands of vegan recipes out there dude, I suggest either adding the word "vegan" to your google alerts, checking out a vegan blog like fat free vegan kitchen, vegan yum yum, vegan improv, or Dreena'a vegan recipes, or getting a vegan cookbook like Vegan with a Vengeance, How it all Vegan, or the Veganomicon, or grabbing a copy of veg news magazine. And there's oh so much more.

Justin [Blog4Brains] said...

Okay, I don't know any vegan recipes at all, but I do know one thing. Vegan is not only a REALLY hard lifestyle to follow, it is VERY hard to cook and prepare for yourself and others on a daily basis.

You have to be very mindful about what you eat and a WIDE variety of vegetables, fruits and starches is paramount. Since there are no animal products in a vegan diet AT ALL, one needs to make sure to consume the optimal amount of amino acids daily, or complications may ensue (not to mention iron supplements, and B12 I think). This is done by eating foods that have a complimentary protien make-up.

Then again, if you are just cooking for her once in a blue moon, then don't worry about it. Just have fun and keep an open mind. Me personally, I couldn't give up the dairy ... or fish! Good luck!

Justin [blog4brains] said...

Got it! Use a REALLY cool grain called teff in a recipe. This stuff is really neat and would be most appreciated by a vegan. Teff is the worlds smallest grain, and one of the most nutritious. These little tasty guys pack a really healthful punch as well as contain all the essential amino acids for us humans. Here is a site that I have used before ...

Good luck! Hopefully, she will be really impressed as most people would not have a clue what teff is.

Kilgore Trout said...

Thanks, Ive never heard of the stuff but it sounds very useful, I wonder how it tastes? I have no intention of becoming a vegan myself, I like food that once had feelings, sorry. Luckily as far as vegans go shes not crazy about it. She does her best but she knows that the occasional critter ingredient slips by. Oh plus she told me that she just got a couple big ass vegan recipe books for christmas so I think I'm all set on recipes.

I also question the healthiness of a vegan diet, I think the evidence suggests that our bodies have evolved as omnivores. Animals that only eat plants have a rather different diggestive tract that humans. But I'm not going to argue with her. Like most vegans she does it for the animal cruelty/factory farms issue, not because its better for you.

Anyway thanks a lot and have a great new years eve. which reminds me, should vegans drink alcohol? Its an animal product, yeast, er wait is yeast an animal or a plant?
oh its a eukaryotic fungi, never mind. I think even a vegan would have trouble finding pity on a eukaryotic fungi that dies from its own excrement. Plus alcohol is good.