Monday, December 10, 2007


To my surprise my most popular posts seem to be the ones about my mundane life problems, at least in terms of comments. So here is an odd one. Not odd as in I've never encountered this problem because I suck with women, you know the whole chain letter issue, not this is odd in the legitimately odd sort of way. I'm not really looking for advice because I'm pretty sure of what I'm going to do. I just need to tell this story, although the ending is far from being written. A friend calls me up and asks if I'm still planning on moving to a new place?
Yeah were going to try to find someplace a little bigger after the new year.
Do you need another roommate, or would it be possible to have another roommate?
Well we haven't picked a place yet but there's no reason it can't be a three bedroom instead of two. Why who needs a place?
Blah Blah Blah.
You mean the same Blah Blah Blah that I've been flirting with?
Uhh... well... I guess... um... sure?

I then talked to her and she seemed really excited, she's been in college and still living at home and just really wants to get out. Which is totally understandable. My parents are awesome but I went nuts the last time I lived at home. If I say no then I'll completely blow any chances with what seems like a very nice girl. But if I say yes then its going to be insane. We've hung out a few times, never had a real date although I thought we were going to once, and now we might be moving in together? Most people would probably say thats moving a bit quickly, and they'd be right. Shit seeing as absolutely nothing has happened between us I hope she realizes that I'm even hitting on her. I know this sounds like a recipe for disaster but whatever, its not like I'm swimming in options here. So there you have it, oh actually as for her knowing my intentions I think she does. She was hanging out with said mutual friend when he gave me her number, he failed to mention that they were together so when I called her 1 minute later (as he fully expected me to) I felt like a total ass but it probably made my thoughts apparent. In this case thats probably a good thing. Anyway so thats my weird ass situation, a girl I'd like to call my girlfriend sometime soon may soon be living with me. Hopefully in that order, otherwise it's going to be all the more awkward.

Ok now you can tell me what an idiot I am.

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