Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stuff White People Like

Call it reverse racism, or just racist if you want, I call it fucking funny, and they call it Stuff White People Like. I think part of the reason I like this so much is because of racist jokes. Society tells me I'm not supposed to like racist jokes but the problem is I love to laugh, therefore I like jokes, even though most jokes are at someones expense. In the case of racist joke they are usually based on stereotypes or otherwise degrading. But they're still funny, or at least some are. The only problem with racist jokes is that theres a lack of white people jokes. It's easy enough if you break white people into smaller groups like redneck jokes or polish jokes or irish jokes but the search for general white people jokes has always left me wanting. While this site isn't exactly a list of white jokes, it is to an extent. I guess I just think that its only acceptable to laugh at inappropriate joke if you're willing to laugh when the jokes on you. We had a perfect example of that ne day after a concert. I have a friend who can seriously go for several hours telling racist and otherwise inappropriate jokes, but as soon as he ran across one that happened to include a girl in the group, she was deeply offended. She then rattled of an insane list of things which couldn't be joked about because she was somehow connected to them. So being the sensitive people we are we pointed out that if you can only laugh at other people then you're the racist then proceeded to insult every group she told us to avoid until she left. Fuck her.

Oh and a big thank you to Pandagon for giving props to SWPL

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