Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Awesome Weekend

So much fun..... The boys in the band broke up a little while ago but they got together for one last show, which was a little funny because three of the four have started a new band together. So being the classy fella he is guy numba 4 wrote "Well this is fuckin' awkward" on a white shirt that he displayed once he got on stage. Their were five bands and they tore the place up for the last punk show at the Amp, which was a shitty local bar but we played there all the time and had a great time, usually. Friday night though was one of the best nights ever there. Music was going till about 1:30. I did almost get into a bar fight, that wasn't cool. But it was flat out amazing how quickly my friend was by my side. Another friend was on the stage (guy 4) but if punches were thrown he'd have had my back despite the fact that it was his cousin he would have been fighting. But that fight was avoided. Then there was a lovely young lady who was being rather flirtatious, I met her a while ago but don't know her well, she seems chill. So Guy 4, Ma bro who had my back and the lady got into my truck and we headed to guy 4's house for what I thought would be an after party but it was just the five of us hanging out which was fine (the four plus 4's GF), we bullshitted and drank some more southern comfort. Everyone else fell asleep so I gave the lady a ride home, and we decided to go for a walk around a pond, and some more SoCo. We went back to her place and you can assume anything you want because it'll probably be wrong and it's none of your business. I realized that I need to do something quick at work so rather than risk falling asleep and not waking up in time I left at like 830 without having slept a wink. Went to work, drove to the airport to drop of the shipping, dropped of a coat a friend left in my truck, and finally got home around 10. Now for some reason this seemed like an opportune time to go to the gym. So while still wearing the same Dead Kennedy's shirt that I had been sweating in the mosh pit with I headed to the gym. Admittedly I only stayed like half an hour, but I sweated out some of the SoCo. Around 11 I finally go to sleep. Then headed to another friends at about 3, then went to a small party that night where I ran into an old friend and found out she lives like right across the street from me. Unfortunately we ordered a couple of sheet pizzas and I ate way more than I should have, completely defeating the point of going to the gym earlier that day. Oh well. Then went to the bar for a quick one and saw my cousin who was a bit wasted, er maybe more that a bit. Sunday was nice out and I went to a boxing class at the gym which was fun, although I missed one punch and fucked up my wrist a bit, but its the only class at the gym I didn't feel stupid doing. Also the only one where men were the majority. Also the only one you need to pay extra for, grrrr... but they do bring in a golden gloves boxer to teach the class so there is a reason. The teacher even told me I move around pretty good for a bigger guy. I'm surprisingly light on my feet for a fat bastard. I blame this on my sister who was a dancer growing up and used to teach me stuff so she could practice, one that always stuck with me is walking on the toes to build strong calves. I then relaxed like a mo-fo for the rest of sunday, I think I'd earned it, even though I really wanted to go outside just because it was nice out, I need a porch.

So that was my weekend, how was your's?

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