Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama and his Pastor

I'm probably not the best person to listen to this subject. I'm a white male atheist liberal Obama supporter I cannot claim to be neutral. I kept hearing about this and how anti-american it was and all that. I had pretty high expectations for these video's I mean they were being trumpeted as being quite insane. Then I watched one, and another and maybe I'm missing something but I don't get it. I mean yeah people don't take to kindly to saying that god has damned our country and should, but didn't falwell and roberston say almost the same shit, except with a whole lot more crazy? One crazy pastor says AIDS was a government conspiracy to keep the black man down the other says god made it because he hates gays, but apparently can't actually make them not gay so he creates a virus that initially runs rampant in the homosexual community but now is an epidemic in africa. Both are crazy, but at least the one has a little bit of basis in reality. As for anti-american, robertson suggested nuking Washington D.C. OK so he really just wanted a little nuke for Foggy Bottom, a neighborhood in D.C. where my sister used to live and apparently is where the state department is located, so he really just wanted to NUKE the STATE DEPARTMENT!?!?!?! Somehow that's not anti-american. Now I know the big difference here is that these two psycho's aren't preaching to to our president, but then again people who do listen to robertson now work in our government. I'm also going to link to Obama's speech, heard it was good, the rude pundit liked it anyway.

My only question left, will people now stop trying to call Obama muslim?

UPDATE: I heard a few people at work giving awkward ass opinions about this issue, they claim to like and support him but think that this is going to bring down his whole campaign. It got awkward when my co-worker said that people will think he's racist.... um... HE'S HALF WHITE!!!! Who the fuck is he supposed to be racist against? Remind me I seem to have forgotten does he hate people who look like his mom or like his dad?

Oh and as for the pastor hating america, he's a Vet, I know I know Kerry was a vet too and obviously he hated america...(birds chirping) but how about you ask Bobby Goodman if Jeremiah Wright hates americans?


Anonymous said...

The problem with Wright's sermon's and indeed, his church in general, is that it's a black supremacy movement (wiki Black Liberation Theology). Wright preaches hate against white people.

As for Obama's racism and dual heritage: children with mixed ancestry are often treated with suspicion. To compensate, they're often driven to overcompensate by identifying strongly with one ethnicity or the other. Personally, I've known a Jewish neo-nazi and two very black looking guys who hated "black culture" with a passion, as they would say.

It's not surprising that Obama has been drawn to a Black supremacy movement.

Kilgore Trout said...

Sorry but I don't buy it. Seeing as they claim some of this footage was from shortly after 9/11 that means its at least 6 years old. Thats means people dug through years worth of sermons in order to find these, probably not all but enough, and as they were obviously not meant to be complimentary I will assume they aired the worse they could. If this was part of a black supremacy movement than they should have found much much nastier things than that. To me it sounded like a legitimately angry man who also knew where to direct that anger so his flock would follow him.

Yes there are those who hate their own heritage, but are you seriously trying to suggest that Barack Obama is a black supremacist? You are suggesting that as a bi-racial person he will probably identify with one race more than the other. From my very limited experience I won't argue with that. Now look at Obama for a second. Listen to one of his speeches on the radio, of the two races are you sure he identifies as more black? I'm not trying to insult the man, I'm a fan, but come on he's not a black panther.

Rob said...

I think it would kick ass if he was a Black Panther. I would definitely vote for him then. We need a president who could scare the crap out of white people.

Kilgore Trout said...