Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Ok first off I absolutely love the Search for the Holy Grail, one of if not my all time favorite movie. This both helps and hurts the play. The parts that came straight from the movie were some of my least favorite parts. The problem is that no matter how good they do its not going to be the original. Luckily there was quite a bit of new material which was generally very funny. There was one whole song that shocked me a bit, I would have expected it from Mel Brooks but I didn't see it coming from the Pythons. It was all about how no matter how good a play is it won't succeed on Broadway if their aren't any Jews. It was funny and obviously it didn't offend anyone too much or it wouldn't have won three Tony's. My assumption is that if this was a newcomer it might not have gone over well, but its Monty Python they pick on everyone, they've established their irreverence for everything so they can get away with a lot. The play had its ups and downs but I was lost control of my laughter a few times, I highly recommend it. Oh one little moment I liked, The knights who say Ni. "we are the knights who say..." and half the audience says "ni" later on its "we are no longer the knights who say ni, we now the knights who say...." and he looks out at the audience and yells, "Not so smart now are ya?" then goes into the, "icky icky patang ...." It was quite perfect. Oh and to those who care Clay Aiken was in it, I thought it was odd when robin got such a big applause. someone then told me it was Clay Aiken to which I said, "who?" Then I vaugly remembered him, and he played robin, the not so brave knight, which seemed pretty fitting. He did well at it. Anyway if you like to laugh and you like plays then go see it next time your in the city.


Carrie said...

That show is a blast. I saw it in London last year, and the point at which the entire audience was singing (and whistling) along to "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" was pretty darned cool. I agree on the part about the lines straight from the movie being a little more boring for those of us who know the movie by heart. On the other hand, my husband has seen the movie only a couple of times, and he was laughing uproariously at the movie lines.

Glad you had a good time!

Kilgore Trout said...

Good point. I guess I didn't think about it from that perspective.