Friday, April 04, 2008

Flying Spaghetti gets into hot water

Ok so via Fark (again) I came across this article about a FSM display in front of a court house in Tennessee. Initial reaction, nice FSM display! The article starts off alright, says that the display has been met with mixed reviews, generally ranging from indifference to outrage, and thats reasonable. But then it becomes very very one sided.

In summation, the spaghetti monster unveils the secular myth of neutrality when it comes to politics. I applaud the county government in being consistent with the free exchange of ideas by granting the statue a place on the courthouse lawn along with the other artistic and religious expressions. While the idea of creation via the Flying Spaghetti Monster may seem ridiculous, modern Darwinist dogma is even more ridiculous in saying the universe came into existence out of nothing. To put it in mathematical terms, nobody multiplied by nothing equals everything.

If Congress is to give no precedence to one religion over another, let’s make sure the Church of Darwin is treated no differently.
Then again this is Tennessee and journalism 101 says know your audience, write to your readers. But how can we help these readers? Oh plus this is from April fools day so who knows, I hope any news paper would only run the words "Church of Darwin" as a joke, but sadly I'm not convinced that it is.

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