Friday, April 04, 2008

Hot for Teacher

Ok this is about as far from a scientific study as possible but I like to check out Fark on a pretty regular basis and it seems like almost everyday there is a story about a teacher having sex with an underage student. It's a big country and plenty of pervs so that in and of itself is no real shock, what surprises me is that the vast majority are female teachers with young male students. And often the teachers are hot! Now my real assumption is quite simply that the people at Fark find a lot more amusement in hot cougar teachers than grizzly perv's and who can blame them? But maybe it is more common in this direction, and if so then I'm very angry. There were several teachers I wish I could have had sex with back in high school, its just not fair.


JCE said...

"It's just not fair." got a major eyeroll from me - LOL

I subscribe to about 10 different news feeds (I have an addiction - what's your point?) and there does seem to be a rise in these types of news stories. You are probably right about the folks at Fark wanting to target the stories with hot female teachers, but my guess is there are equal percentages of stories out there.

What scares me is that we are only seeing the ones that have been reported. I'm sure there are tons that are swept under the rug or unreported by the students. What is going on with these teachers? Hot or not, a minor is a minor. I am worried that as schools become more restrictive due to litigation, good teachers will leave and a teacher shortage will result in even less careful background checks and interviews. Maybe that is what is already happening.

Kilgore Trout said...

yeah I took a very light hearted stand on this whole thing, its friday afternoon. But you're right and bring up a frightening point, theres already enough reasons why people don't want to teach, and so I think this should be a concern, are we setting ourselves up to allow more pedophiles into our classrooms?