Thursday, May 15, 2008

How far have we fallen

First off this post I'm going to link to is a bit foul even by the standards of the rude pundit, don't worry its just words but damn that dudes a bit deranged, unfortunately he has a point. The basic point is that one of the saddest legacies of this administration is an idealistic one, its the fact that horrible atrocities no longer have the ability to shock us. We now debate the role of torture around the dinner table, can we give a person a label which in essence strips them of their very humanity by saying they no longer have any legal rights at all? What sort of a country have we become when the military admits that it has been delivering propaganda straight to your living room and no one is the least bit concerned? I know I wasn't surprised when I heard it. I should have been furious I should have stuffing rags into gasoline filled wine bottles and marching on the pentagon, but I didn't I shrugged my shoulders and said yup, that seems like something they would do. What has become of us?

Oh right the economy, shit I can't even afford the gas to fill a molotov cocktail these days.

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