Thursday, June 12, 2008

McCain is fucked

Partially because he is running against an amazing candidate who truly wants to make this country and the world a better place, also because McCain is going to bury himself. How about this one for proving he isn't running for bush's third term, would you want Cheney on your cabinet? Hell yeah! Great line in the comments about this one, "Really, if you knew nothing else about John McCain’s judgment but this line, wouldn’t this be enough?" good call Kathy. How about his foreign policy expertise? Such as when he talked about Vladimir Putin a very important world leader who has been talked about quite a bit in the US press, you would think that a presidential candidate would at least know what country Putin is the leader of. BTW it's not Germany. He doesn't have the evangelical vote on lock down like bush did, although this defense by a supporter was amazing, I'm not sure that Obama has 40% of the evangelical vote, McCain is currently polling at 60-65%....
And finally the guy thinks that taxing the rich will ruin the economy. What an ass.

But this shit is just funny. The Fathers Day McCain Golf Special.

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