Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Renewable Oil???

This is why science is important.Yeah you can blame science for our current problems with the environment and what not and it's true, technology has created problems and without science you won't have technology. But the only way out is with a change in technology, so that means more science. This time it just might mean biology. We've already figured out that we can create huge amounts of biodiesel by way of algae. Now some clever fellas have figured out how to make another microbe that eats agricultural waste and shits out petroleum. Makes the old phrase "Slick as shit" suddenly make sense.

I don't know if this is a solution or maybe just a really good band aid or maybe it won't be effective on a large scale, but it's promising. Oh and being a bit of an environmentalist its cool that they point out that the microbe is carbon negative, the amount of CO2 used by the microbe to produce the oil is more than the CO2 created by burning the oil. So thats a good thing.

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