Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where to start.....

I point out that I've been slacking every time I write nowadays, mostly cause it's true. But today I've got some words that need to get out there. Some of this is old news but I want to say it anyway. I'll start with something old and trivial.

I was at the gym where I don't have control of the TV and Pravda... er Fox News was on, it was a few weeks ago and the devastation in China was still being talked about, well sorta. Instead of focusing on this massive catastrophe they focused on a remark by a celebrity , Sharon Stone I think, who said something rude while on the red carpet. She said that maybe the earthquake was Karma for China's treatment of Tibet. Yeah not a comment I would make while they are still sifting through the rubble, but I don't see how they are any different then Falwell and Robertson blaming 9/11 on liberals and gays. One says god punished us for our "immoral" actions, the other said some other god punished other people for legitimately immoral actions. But really none of that matters. The real question is, who gives a shit what Sharon Stone's opinion is of a natural disaster? Sure the Chinese have every right to be pissed but why does this warrant any more than a 15 second blip on a national news program? Were in the middle of two wars, China had just been rocked by the massive earthquake that was the cause of this incident, Burma was and is in a humanitarian crisis following the cyclone, food riots in Mexico and other places, the never ending horrors in Africa, global climate change, AIDS, the looming TB epidemic, Israel-Palestine, tensions with Iran, tension between Afghanistan and Pakistan, theres also a fairly important election coming up, and I could continue with issues more important than the opinions of a has-been hollywood actress but whats the point? The media cares more about entertainment than well than anything else, ratings over content. Of course we the people are to blame for the fact that content doesn't lead to ratings, entertainment does.

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