Monday, July 28, 2008

7 Random Things

Rob has tagged me for a meme, he also has the rules for the meme. Rules which I'm also not going to follow properly, He only tagged one person. I'm not going to tag any. What can I say I'm a rebel.

1. Heres a random fun fact, I find meme's to be a pain in the ass. No animosity towards Rob or anything its just that pretty much anything I can think of about myself I already say. What do I say I'm secretly atheist, or that I'm a raging liberal? If this isn't your first time here then you already know that. So my first random thing is that I don't have many random things that I don't already talk about.

2. The term meme comes from Richard Dawkins, but I'm not sure which book. I have lots of random ass knowledge.

3. I went back to the Horseheads Brewing Company this weekend, they have incredible memories. They also check their standing on google because they told me they saw my blog, and they said it came in above their site. Oops! I'm happy to say that my blog post seems to have slipped below them now. I'm also glad that it was a positive review, and honest.

4. I'm sitting at work and a coworker needs some copies made, I have a pretty demanding job. But then I get a quick laugh as the top of the page has in nice bold letters, "Vaginal Discharge."

5. I have insane friends. It actually makes sense but upon initial review its pretty funny when you get directions to a friends bachelor party and its given in latitude and longitude. Then tells me that if you get lost head south by south west.... Hes a bit more of a hiker than I. He's also a communist, not that it matters, its just kinda funny. He's more of a hiker in the fact that we have to park about 4 miles from the campsite, at least its downhill on the way in when we're carrying water and beer.

6. This ties in with the second and the next one, when I was three I asked my sister where we lived, she said America, I corrected her and told her North America. She was pissed. Except I had a speech impediment when I was a kid so it would have been Nowth Amewica. That was the real point of this, not the fact that I'm a smart ass, you already knew that. And if anyone has a kid with a speech impediment of any sort, get that shit sorted out with a speech therapist it might be cute when they're little but I'd be pissed if I was still twying to act pwofessional. Wascally wabbit.

7. When I was "5 3/4" years old I was in kindergarten and I wrote a card for my mom. She was a bit nervous because she worked at the school and was surrounded by the teachers. On the outside it says "How to make love" Inside it says, "Get better and better at being a friend." I still think thats true.

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