Monday, September 29, 2008

Friday's Debate

Hey guess what? I'm late getting to this!
Yeah I watched some of the debate on friday, well the TV was on and turned to that station the whole time but we didn't necessarily watch it all. Ok so maybe just maybe we tried to turn it into a drinking game, but we screwed up at the start. We weren't thinking about the fact that it was a debate not a stump speech, so we picked the wrong drinkin' words. We chose "Hope, POW (or anything related), and Change." Had this been the conventions we'd have been rocked. But it was a debate so it didn't work that well, we later chose "taxes" which was much better. In the end I was a bit drunk, and I had watched the debate, so all in all a pretty good day.

Oh as for the substance of the debate, well from my not so sober perspective, which might be a good way to look at things from the vantage of the "average american" I thought McCain did better than I expected, but Obama still whipped his ass pretty good. I did find it interesting that Obama regularly looked at McCain to address him, but McCain gave fleeting glances at most towards Obama. I'm not going to psychoanalyze that but I'm sure it means something, and I'm sure it's not good.

Anybody else get drunk and watch the debates? Anyone else know how to party? woo!


Kristi said...

just found your webpage at planet atheism.
i like your posts. you crack me up.

Kilgore Trout said...

Glad you like it. I pretty much just write about whatever is on my mind, theres quite a bit on politics, sometimes there is stuff about religion but honestly that gets boring because the arguments never change. Lately there has been a fair amount of self-loathing. I like to keep it funny, but it pretty much follows my mood, which isn't the best right now. But I'm simple so give me a couple days and it might be funny again.