Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gitmo Confessions

It should be an indicator that your "court" is a sham when the defendant tries to confess and the judge has no idea how to respond. Personally I don't think we should give them the death penalty because of the whole martyr aspect. Not the part about them getting virgins in heaven and all of that shit, but the part where they can seen as having been killed by the "great satan" by those sympathetic to their cause.

These guys need to go to a real court, and then probably to a real prison for a real long time. If they decide to execute them I won't complain too loudly. I've always said that I have no real issue with killing killers, I just don't trust our legal system to be perfect. And this whole idea of having to set up a whole new court system in order to try these people is just fucking stupid, unless of course you don't care about the law and just want to be able to get the convictions you want without having to admit to torture or show evidence or follow the constitution or the genevea convention or.... oh wait. Now it makes sense.

I really really hope that Bush,Cheney, Rumsfeld et. all are tried for war crimes in the near future. Especially Rummy, he deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life, but even he deserves a trial. Ok maybe lock him up for a decade or so before that trial but a trial none the less.

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TW said...

I agree about the death penalty. That isn't a punishment for them and wont deter others - kind of rendering it pointless.

Making them rot away in jail for the rest of their lives, however, is fairly fitting.