Thursday, March 05, 2009

Blame the Economic Woes on Lincoln

I'm not above driving a few more nails into the republican parties coffin. And neither is this person. It's basically just lists of the best and worst states in various categories. My personal favorite, and being a New Yorker one that pisses me off, is the last one. The states that get the most from the federal government compared to what they pay in are pretty damn red, the states that get the least compared to what they put in are pretty damn blue. For example my state gets about 79 cents from the federal government for every dollar they pay in taxes. Mississippi gets $2.02 back for each dollar they pay. Now I'm not saying we need to stop giving money to the broke ass republican states, but they need to shut the fuck up about how the federal government is evil. Either raise your taxes and pay your fair share or shut the fuck up. Most of those states that get more than they give are broke and therefore their tax base sucks, and again I'm not trying to punish poor people, but what I really want is for these moochers to stop bitching.

And obviously the title comes from the idea that if Lincoln hadn't preserved the Union, if he had simply let the south succeed, it might be a different situation. Yeah I know that would be pretty shitty for blacks, I wonder if they would still buy and sell people? If the trends had continued the south would have a very deeply entrenched upper class. And the 90% of whites that are poor as dirt would be feed heaping spoonfuls of racism to keep them in line. Racism allows even the poorest white person to be middle class, because they make sure someone is beneath them. So you know the oligarchy isn't going to pay much in taxes, the rest can't afford to. So they never would have created a modern infrastructure. Their society would fuckin suck. But at least I wouldn't have to listen to Bobby Jindal spout all sorts of stupid shit.

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