Monday, March 09, 2009

More Good Times

I had a nice weekend. This might seem like a rant because it starts with the bad shit but actually it's just chronological.

Well, friday I was quite pissed at Marque, we had very vaguely made plans. I wanted her to meet a couple of my friends that I thought she would like. She had something going on from 6-8 which is shitty but we could still do something. Admittedly I had only said that we would do something and while a few ideas were thrown around nothing was the least bit confirmed. Then it all came to be a fairly mute point as one of people I wanted her to meet was falling asleep after getting up way too early for his job. But I think I was still right to be mad cause it was left that she would call when she was free. So at 8:30 I sent a text and nothing. Then at like 9:15 I sent another saying that I was on my way. I told her I was mad. It wasn't the first time this had happened. Actually it's happened pretty much every time we've mad plans ahead of time. Before I was hurt, this time I was mad. Not only did it insult me but my friends were sitting around waiting too. Sure they had to cancel anyway but when I found that out, I told her. She understood. She gets really mad when other people do that to her. Who doesn't? Saturday was much better, much much better.

Marque had to work till 7, she works at the other end of town and had to get ready so it was about 8 when my friends and I picked her up and went to Horigan's. I've mentioned this place before, and Marque and I have been there together before, but it's probably my favorite restaurant. Minor problem, there was a band playing and they didn't have any open tables when we got there. Ok second part isn't a big deal, we are all very comfortable bellying up to the bar, except we were fairly hunger. The part that sucked is that being four wide at a bar with a band playing meant that we couldn't talk and my plan of having my friends meet my... Marque was thrown out the window. I paused in the last sentence because while I definitely think of her as my girlfriend, we haven't actually used that terminology yet. Anyway we got seated and soon we were chatting and laughing and generally having a good time. Some jokes were made about the fact that my friends both got the prime rib special while Marque got a vegi-burger and I had a freaking spinach salad, which was delicious. She was a vegan back in the day but sure isn't anymore, I got the salad half because my friend made a joke about who eats a spinach salad, I told him I was thinking about it and he didn't believe me. Soon we finished our food and wanted to get away from the band. We headed back in the direction of Marque and my friends houses, ended up at a little bar where they loved us because we were half the age of anyone else there, and half of us were cute girls. We ad one and decided to keep going. Then we hit up the bar I often describe as my friends other living room. The girl I had been messing around with before was there, I can't recall what name I had given her for this blog, and I was a nervous she would cause a scene but she didn't at all. I spoke to her in passing and she didn't say a word to Marque which I thank her for. That reminds me I should say something to her, she knows about Marque so I'm sure she knew what was going on. Anyway we didn't stay there too long. We stopped by Marque's to grab a little scotch she's had for a while at which point my now somewhat drunk friend had to ask where I found a girl that drinks Guinness and Scotch? I told you she's awesome. Then went to my friends for a little bit but soon he was asleep, again he goes to work stupid early, like before 6am. So I sat and hung out with two of my favorite women, Marque and.... I guess I've never given her a pseudo-anonymous name on here, hmmm.... I'll call her Peggy till I come up with something better. We watched some SNL and then Marque and I went back to her house.

Sunday was decent. We had breakfast at a local diner. She had to meet with her friend/boss who she seems to really want me to meet, but not yet. I'm not sure why but from the descriptions I've heard he sounds like a very strange character so I'm not in too big a rush. After that she had made plans with Other guy, who she says is definitely just a friend now but she hasn't seen him in a few weeks and feels kinda bad about that. Plus there's a basketball game on and sports are pretty much the reason they're friends. He bailed and she ended up sick. She's been sick a lot lately. I hope she isn't allergic to me. So I went to comfort her for a bit. Other guy eventually called and wanted to hang out, but for some reason he didn't want to hang out with me. Ha. I guess he's really competitive so I'm sure he's in no rush to meet the guy who beat him at something far more important than sports with a prize better than any trophy. Marque in my arms.

Almost forgot to mention that my friends really liked Marque. This was no surprise, other than I know I tend to look at women through rose colored glasses and it was great to have two good friends confirm that she's as awesome as I've been telling them she is. Plus these friends know that I can easily fall for a pretty face and so I trust them to tell me if I'm making a big mistake. Maybe thats fucked up, to want your friends to judge your relationship but seriously I'll take the advice. But they like her and she liked them which is awesome. In my book a girlfriend is first and foremost a friend. I've known people who keep their relationships separate from their friends and it never works. Of course sometimes thats because they don't want their friends mentioning their other relationships but thats a whole other issue. The important thing is that we all had a blast of saturday, hopefully the first of many fun occasions.

Live Update:
She wants me to go meet her and the kiddo for some grub, gotta get a lil work done so I can sneak out a half an hour early.

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