Friday, June 08, 2007

Kilgore in a nutshell

Help Help What am I doing in this giant nutshell! Sorry bad rip off from Austin Powers. Last night was interesting. Starts off pretty normal, hang out with some friends, play badminton for a while, grill some food, watch a crappy movie pretty standard issue evening. Also should throw in my worst timed joke ever, my friend was getting a shovel out of the back of her car and as a natural instinct I say, "ya burying some bodies?" "Just one" she replies, I had forgotten that they had put their dog down that day, shit. I felt like an ass to say the least. Just wanted to get that out there for some reason.

We left fairly early which was fine by me as I had just pick up my first Carl Sagan book at the used book store for 4 buck, sweet. So I had a plan, go home lie in bed and read Sagan till I fell asleep. Also in that thought process was the fact that I hadn't made it to work on time yet this week so crashing a little early seemed good. Then I get a call from a friend saying that another friend was going to the bar/outdoor club for retro night. Yeah a bunch of dancing to 80's music. So I call the girl and am happy to get the voice mail, said thanks for the offer but not tonight, we'll hang out tomorrow. At this point I think I'm in the clear, but no. She calls back and says that I really need to go blah blah the short of it is I'm a sucker. I told her I wouldn't go, kept reading for a few minutes then cursed loudly and hoped in the shower to wake up and headed over.

So I get to the... club? and there is a line thats honestly 50 yards long and not even close to any sort of order, there are a couple hundred people waiting to get in and two people checking IDs not an ideal system, then again its a ways outside of town so no one is going to turn around and go somewhere else, and it makes it feel like your going somewhere special if you're forced to wait. Then I find out that the spot where the line really becomes a crowd is because there are two lines, one that I was in thats very long, that was the under 21 line, the short mob of people, thats the over line, I walk towards the mob. Its a small town so I soon find myself in line next to an attractive woman who was a friend from elementary schools little sister. We bullshitted for a while as the line slowly moved past the bouncers. I listen to the kid in front of me desperately memorizing the date of birth on his ID. I laugh.

So I run into my friend, now I should explain quickly, this is a friends girlfriend and shes real cool, she has a friend that thinks I'm interesting. I hate to say it but I'm a little shallow. I want to say that I'm like a womans mind and her personality, and I do, without an attractive mind they could have an incredible body but I wouldn't want them. But at the same time I've never had a girlfriend and again to be a little shallow (or a lot?) I'd like to have at least one physically attractive girlfriend. Back to my story. Run into a few people I know, as soon as I walk in the door I see someone who I simply despised as a kid, I won't get into why, but I walked up laughed, asked if he remembered me, chatted for 20 seconds and moved along. I'm not going to suddenly be his friend but might as well bury the hatchet. We were kids who cares. Run into another friend who's a bit odd but he's alright. I bullshit with him for a few then go off to find the girl I'm there to meet. We find each other and we go inside the bar where it quiet (I know that sounds funny) and have a beer. We talk for a while then realize that we should probably go find the rest of her friends. We wander around running into people we know, she says hi to a really attractive redhead (the irish in me loves the red) I introduce myself, as we have met before at the same location a long time ago. We continue our search and run into other ladies, I dance with one. How can you not dance to Come On Eileen? We find her friends and make our way onto the dance floor. I end up with my friend on my right and the friend that might like me to my left as part of a ring of about 7 ladies, and myself. On the other side from me is a familiar face that I just can't place. I reach out and say as much, she agrees, I ask highschool, she says no, she names my old church. Holy shit, thats it. I remember her when she was a little kid, now shes out at the bar, and her sister is next to her. Then my friend who's a little drunk shoves me into the middle of this crowd of girls and gets me to dance. Thats a bit of an ego boost when your dancing in the middle of 7 girls.

But here's my problems summed up in a single moment, I'm dancin like a fool, not givin a shit, Ive got a um large girl that might be interested in me to one side, to another side I've got a twig of a girl that I vaguely know that I might be interested in, but I'm actually dancing with the one person I know to be unavailable. Damn.

Oh the high point was when someone randomly slapped my ass, I'm honestly not sure who it was, but from the direction I was facing I don't think it was the big girl, which means my dancing must have impressed someone. I see no issue with dancing with friends girlfriends, its just dancing, even when it gets nasty. And if my friends girlfriend is going to be dancing inappropriately with a guy, it seems better that its me than some random guy who's trying to hit on her. Of course one friend disagreed when I was grinding with his wife, at their wedding, ha!
I feel bad giving descriptions like large, and twig but seriously the one is a big girl, the other couldn't be 100 lbs and while I didn't notice her shoes she was just about eye level, meaning damn near 6 foot. Almost 6 foot and 100 lbs is a twig, if I hadn't known her as a kid that would freak me out and I would assume problems, but she's always been like that, as is her sister who was also there. You know what, I'm not sure that I feel bad about being a little shallow, because physical attraction matters. It takes time to figure out if you like someone's mind, you very quickly find out if you like someone physically. Maybe being a little shallow is just being realistic.

Well I guess I'll find out more tonight, the same crew plus a bunch of other people are hanging out tonight. The beer will flow, which has a tendency to remove my shallowness which can get awkward when sobriety re-appears. Have a good weekend everyone.

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Lara said...

wow, that is a crazy night, kid. hope you're feeling okay today... ;)